Black Cat D&S and N-Fuzz in Vintage Guitar

Check out the reviews of the Black Cat D&S and Black Cat N-Fuzz in the January 2016 issue of Vintage Guitar magazine. These two cats weren’t just reviewed, they made the “VG Approved Gear” list…

Like us, Vintage Guitar Magazine has been around a long time (I still have copies from my first subscription back in 1993). And like us, they’re still around. Click the image to read the review.

Archived Black Cat Blog Posts!

Hey everyone! Even though we’re just getting started with this news page on our newly revamped website, we’ve been posting news about Black Cat Pedals for 5 years on the For Musicians Only blog page. If you’ve already read the About Us page on our website, you know that Black Cat Pedals are built at the FMO Gear Shop, a 1500 square foot workshop/office/gear demo space located in Foxon, CT (right next to New Haven, CT).

Anyway, here for your reading pleasure is a nice selection of Black Cat related posts from the FMO blog, meticulously assembled and presented in chronological order (thanks Sara!), starting 5 years ago when we reintroduced the line. Enjoy!

  • Black Cat Pedals

    The Cat Is Out of the Bag

  • First Black Cat Ad

    Our First Black Cat Ad

  • 2nd Black Cat Ad

    2nd Black Cat Ad

  • Black Cat MKI

    Behold – The Black Cat Tone Bender MKI Americano

  • Black Cat Grey Tee

    Black Cat Pedal T-Shirts Are Here!

  • Black Cat Custom K-Fuzz

    Black Cat Custom K-Fuzz

  • First BC Interview

    First Ever Interview w/ Stomp That Box

  • Black Cat Pedalboard

    NY Amp Show

  • Black Cat Custom Professional MKII

    Black Cat Custom Professional MKII

  • Black Cat T-Shirt

    More Black Cat T-Shirts

  • Black Cat MKI v2

    Black Cat Custom MKI Americano v2

  • Black Cat Pedals Video

    Black Cat Pedals Video

  • Black Cat Germanium OD-Fuzz

    Black Cat Germanium OD-Fuzz

  • BC Pedalboard

    Trash Cat!

  • Black Cat Top Jack BOF

    Special Orders Don’t Upset Us!

  • Super Fuzz Explosion

    Super Fuzz Explosion!

  • Black Cat Buffer Boost

    Black Cat Buffer Boost

  • Black Cat OD-Fuzz Video

    Black Cat OD-Fuzz Video

  • More Black Cat OD-Fuzz Videos

    Wait, MORE Black Cat OD-Fuzz Videos!

  • Black Cat Mini Trem

    Introducing…The Black Cat Mini Trem!

  • Black Cat Mini Trem

    Black Cat OD-1 Demo Video

  • New Black Cat Videos

    New Videos of Black Cat Pedals

  • Even More Black Cat Videos

    Even More Black Cat Videos!

  • Black Cat Ladies Tees

    New Black Cat Ladies Tees!

  • Black Cats in White

    Black Cats in White

  • Halloween Black Cat Pedals

    Special Edition Black Cat Halloween Pedals

  • Mini Trem with Custom Mod

    Black Cat Mini Trem w/ Custom Mod

  • Valentine's Bee Buzz

    Valentine’s Bee Buzz

  • Black Cat OD-Boost

    Black Cat OD-Boost

  • Black Cat Vibe Prototype Video

    Black Cat Vibe Prototype Video & More

  • New Black Cat Vibe

    The NEW Black Cat Vibe

  • New Black Cat Vibe Demo Video

    New Black Cat Vibe Demo Video

New Black Cat Pedals Website!

Hello Black Cat Fans! Black Cat Sara, here. Welcome to the new and improved Black Cat Pedals website. The biggest change you will notice is our new online shop! You can purchase any of our pedals there (yes, that includes the Black Cat Vibe), along with some t-shirts too. It’s a good idea to keep checking back often because we regularly add discontinued, blemished, and limited run pedals at a discounted price. 😉

Hmm…what else is new? Now you can sign up for our newsletter straight from our website. There is a form at the bottom of every page that you can fill out to sign up and receive all the latest and greatest Black Cat news.

If you were always wondering who the faces behind all of our lovely pedals are, now you can find out! Under the About US section, you will find mini bios and photos of all the members of our little Black Cat Pedals family that we have here at the shop (including yours truly).

There you have it. A mini tour and introduction for our new and improved Black Cat Pedals website! Now go explore for yourself and see what cat-tastic treasures you may find.

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