New Black Cat Pedals Website!

Hello Black Cat Fans! Black Cat Sara, here. Welcome to the new and improved Black Cat Pedals website. The biggest change you will notice is our new online shop! You can purchase any of our pedals there (yes, that includes the Black Cat Vibe), along with some t-shirts too. It’s a good idea to keep checking back often because we regularly add discontinued, blemished, and limited run pedals at a discounted price. 😉

Hmm…what else is new? Now you can sign up for our newsletter straight from our website. There is a form at the bottom of every page that you can fill out to sign up and receive all the latest and greatest Black Cat news.

If you were always wondering who the faces behind all of our lovely pedals are, now you can find out! Under the About US section, you will find mini bios and photos of all the members of our little Black Cat Pedals family that we have here at the shop (including yours truly).

There you have it. A mini tour and introduction for our new and improved Black Cat Pedals website! Now go explore for yourself and see what cat-tastic treasures you may find.