Black Cat Custom Shop

The Black Cat Custom Shop offers custom and limited edition pedals built with a level of artistry and craftsmanship above and beyond the high quality benchmark of our standard product line. Black Cat Custom products reflect a greater attention to detail, and are usually more expensive and time-consuming for us to make. They are built in small batches so that each unit can receive individualized attention and fine-tuning. Cost and labor are not considered when selecting the finest premium and NOS components or creating custom artwork and graphics. When boutique becomes bespoke, nothing can be spared to achieve the finest result.

The Black Cat Custom Shop also allows us to accommodate requests for special modifications and upgrades to our standard products. Due to their specialized nature, Custom Shop products are made in limited numbers, are not available through dealers, and we generally don't keep them in stock. Most of the Black Cat Custom pedals so far have been personally hand-built by our Master Technician, Greg Radawich. To get info on the latest Black Cat Custom Shop offerings, please contact us and subscribe to the Black Cat Pedals newsletter.

MKI Americano MKI Americano
The Black Cat Custom MKI Americano was our first Black Cat Custom offering. It began as a special request from a customer to build a MKI Tone Bender replica. Since there were probably a few other people who might also be interested in having one, we thought we might as well make five. Read More »
MKII Professional MKII Professional
The Black Cat Custom Professional MKII is our take on the iconic 1960s Sola Sound Tone Bender Professional MKII, made famous by Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Eric Clapton among others. Like the MKI Americano, the Professional MKII began as a special request from a customer. We’ve only made a few of them so far, but we may possibly do some more. Read More »
K-Fuzz K-Fuzz
The Black Cat Custom K-Fuzz was our second Custom Shop pedal. The idea came when we had two customers call in the same week with a request for us to build a Kay Fuzztone replica. So just like we did with the MKI Americano, we decided to go ahead and make five of them and the sold out immediately. We’ve been getting requests to make more ever since, and we’re now on our third run. Read More »
Buffer Boost Buffer Boost
The Black Cat Custom Buffer Boost began as customer request that ultimately allowed us the opportunity to further explore the heritage of the original Black Cat line and continue the tradition. It all started when Claude from NYC contacted us to ask if we could make some buffers for him. It was one of those things that seemed so simple, it never even occurred to us to offer it as a product. Read More »
Black Cat Custom MK 1.5 Americano Black Cat Custom MK 1.5 Americano
The Black Cat Custom MK 1.5 Americano is the successor of the MKI Americano. In keeping with the Americano theme, this pedal is a replica of the original Tone Bender MK 1.5 circuit, only built with American-made components. Read More »