Black Cat Monster K-Fuzz Stompbox

Black Cat Monster K-Fuzz Stompbox

Uniquely tricked out hotrodded version of the ’60s Kay Fuzztone with additional features plus expression pedal control.

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  • The Black Cat Monster K-Fuzz stompbox is the latest edition of our uniquely hotrodded version of the ’60s Kay Fuzztone. The new Monster K-Fuzz stompbox has all the bells and whistles features of the treadle based version in a pedalboard friendly enclosure at a more affordable price. Features include Input Gain control and 3-way switches for different Clipping and Voicing options.

    The Monster K-Fuzz controls can be set to go anywhere from a vintage Kay Fuzztone to a fire breathing monster fuzz. Expression pedal control of the Fuzz Frequency allows the same functionality as the former treadle based versions. And with a look that pays tribute to the ’60s original, the new Monster K-Fuzz is the ultimate evolution of the Kay Fuzztone.

    Made in the U.S.A.Made in the U.S.A.


    • Expression pedal control of the Fuzz Frequency
    • Durable powder-coat Orange Sparkle finish
    • 3-way toggle switches for Clipping and Voicing
    • Input Gain adjustment control
    • “Pedalboard friendly” stompbox enclosure
    • 3PDT true-bypass switch and Switchcraft jacks
    • Uses 2.1mm Boss style power jack or internal 9V battery
    • Hand-wired, Boutique quality, Made in USA

  • INPUT GAIN: Controls the amount of signal going into the pedal. Start with the control set around 2 o’clock for single coil pickups, or noon for humbuckers. Or you can overload the fuzz circuit by cranking it up all the way for maximum mayhem and fuzz carnage.

    CLIPPING: The 3-way Clipping switch allows for three distinctly different diode clipping options.
    Germanium – uses a pair of germanium clipping diodes, like the original 1960s Kay Fuzztone. And just like the original vintage Kay, the output of the fuzz is noticeably below unity gain.
    Silicon – uses silicon diodes, like the original Black Cat Custom K-Fuzz. This setting is louder and a bit brighter than the germanium setting, and easily reaches unity gain.
    Schottky – uses a specially selected pair of Schottky diodes to give the Monster K its loudest and most aggressive clipping option.

    VOICING: The 3-way Voicing switch allows for three distinctly different fuzz voicings.
    Vintage – is voiced like the original Kay Fuzztone. It’s the tamest of the three voicings.
    Stock – uses the stock voicing of our original Black Cat Custom K-Fuzz, which gives the fuzz more body and girth.
    Monster – adds a massive boost to the bass frequencies to give the fuzz an earth-rumbling low end. The combination of the Monster voicing and Schottky clipping will create the Fuzz of Doom. Using the Expression pedal on this setting will create a rip-roaring monster fuzz that will tear the flesh off your bones.

    INTERNAL TRIMPOT: Controls the overall output volume of the pedal. You can set this trimpot in whatever way suits you best. If you tend to favor the germanium diode setting, you may want to raise the output volume, since that setting has much less volume than the other two diode pairs. Remember to check the overall volume of the fuzz against your bypass sound.