Black Cat Mona Wah

Black Cat Mona Wah

Designed with the help of DIY guru and wah master, Joe Gagan, the Black Cat Mona Wah is a revolutionary breakthrough in traditional wah-wah design.

  • black-cat-wah-potThe new Black Cat Mona Wah was designed with the help of DIY guru and wah master, Joe Gagan, and features a revolutionary breakthrough in traditional wah-wah design. The Black Cat Mona features a special custom tuned Black Cat inductor, as well as the newly engineered Black Cat wah pot, which is like nothing else on the market. These features allow the Black Cat Mona to be used as a sophisticated tone-sculpting tool instead of a mere novelty quack machine.

    Designed by Joe Gagan, the Black Cat wah pot features a new taper and redesigned gear which yield a subtly of expression never before possible with any other wah. This unique new design allows for a totally smooth, even sweep that covers the entire range of the pot, which places it in a league above the compromised design of the ICAR and other condensed or “S taper” pots.

    Made in the U.S.A.Made in the U.S.A.

  • Standard Mona Modern
    Standard Mona Modern
    Standard Mona Vintage
    Standard Mona Vintage

    The Black Cat Mona wah is available in two different models – Vintage and Modern:

    The Mona Vintage uses carbon comp resistors and NOS vintage capacitors (tropical fish, orange drops, etc) and is voiced more like a vintage Vox wah.

    The Mona Modern uses Dale precision resistors and Wima film capacitors, and is optimized for a clean, full frequency response.

    Each model is available in Standard and Deluxe editions. That means there are a total of four variations of the Mona Wah: Standard Mona Modern, Standard Mona Vintage, Deluxe Mona Modern, and Deluxe Mona Vintage.

  • All the standard Black Cat Mona Wahs have three internal trimpots (Frequency, Q, and Volume), plus a built in buffer with an external mini-switch that allows you to bypass the buffer completely. The Volume control is for the output level when the buffer is engaged.

    The Q and Freq controls are for adjusting the Q (resonant peak or sharpness) and the Frequency range. By experimenting with these controls you’ll be able to achieve a number of subtle and intriguing tone-shaping effects, including passive tone control and pedal-steel type swells. Of course, when a good old-fashioned wah-wah is what you need, the Black Cat Mona can wakka wakka with the best of them.


    • Durable powder-coat “Holographic Sparkle” finish
    • On-board tone-shaping controls
    • Bypass-able buffer for compatibility with low-impedance effects
    • Lighter weight, more “pedalboard friendly” design
    • Dual LED indicators: (red for Vintage, blue for Modern)
    • 3PDT true-bypass switch and Switchcraft jacks
    • Uses 2.1mm Boss style power jack or internal 9V battery
    • Hand-wired, Boutique quality, Made in USA
  • BUFFER: Allows the wah to be more compatible when used in front of certain low-impedance effects, such as a Fuzz Face. The mini-toggle switch on the left (output) side of the pedal turns the buffer circuitry on and off. ON = switch torward front (toe) of pedal, BYPASS = switch toward back (heel) of pedal.

    VOL, FREQ, and Q controls – Volume controls the overall output level when buffer is active; the control is disengaged when the buffer is bypassed. The FREQ and Q controls are used for tone shaping. The default setting for both these controls is maximum for the full wah effect. More subtle effects can be achieved by dialing back each control to taste. To replicate a PASSIVE TONE CONTROL – turn Q control almost all the way down, then turn FREQ control back slightly to taste.

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