Black Cat Custom – Filthy Dirty Fuzz #2 – Jordan Bosstone


Our 2nd Edition of the Black Cat Custom Filthy Dirty Fuzz series isn’t just filthy and dirty – it’s radioactive! We recently stumbled across these vintage dosimeter charger boxes made by none other than Jordan Electronics of Alhambra, California. YES! The same Jordan Electronics that made the Jordan Bosstone fuzz in the 1960s. We thought they’d be perfect for building a run of Black Cat Custom Bosstones!

We managed to get a hold of a bunch of these enclosures, and we built a Jordan Bosstone fuzz circuit into each of them using a fine selection of vintage NOS filthy dirty components. Here’s a quick, off the cuff cell phone demo from our Instagram page… Aside from the sheer novelty of having a Bosstone fuzz replica built into a bona fide vintage Jordan Electronics enclosure, these pedals sound GREAT! Buzz and fuzz galore with a super aggressive top end bite. They get that perfect iconic 1960s fuzz tone without being too harsh or tinny.

Made in the U.S.A.Made in the U.S.A.