Black Cat Custom – Filthy Dirty Fuzz #1 – Scuzzaround


The Black Cat Custom Shop Filthy Dirty Fuzz is an ongoing conceptual series of custom built fuzzboxes with a common, unifying theme – we’re taking the filthiest, nastiest dirty old vintage parts we can find and turning them into some seriously badass fuzz.

We’re talking about parts you might find in an old coffee can in grandpa’s basement – huge high voltage capacitors, 2-watt carbon comp resistors, big metal can germanium transistors – dusty, dirty, grimy parts from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s; the kind of stuff you’d only see in antique radios and vintage test equipment. These are the perfect parts to make some Filthy Dirty Fuzz.

Each edition of the Filthy Dirty Fuzz series will be based on a classic fuzz design and will feature a run of 5 to 10 handmade, point-to-point wired devices housed in individually hand-painted enclosures.

The First Edition of the Filthy Dirty Fuzz series is the Black Cat Custom Scuzzaround Fuzz – a five-piece run based on (you guessed it) the Baldwin-Burns Buzzaround. The five Scuzzaround Fuzz pedals are all similar, but none are exactly identical. They each have minor variations in the graphic and selection of parts, which makes each one its own unique creation. Most importantly, we’ve thoroughly tested each of the five Scuzzaround Fuzz pedals, and they all sound AWESOME!

Let us here offer one brief caveat to the potential naysayers or grumpy engineers who would dismiss the whole Filthy Dirty Fuzz concept as a ridiculous endeavor or hokey marketing ploy. These would-be scoffers are missing the point entirely. We’re not making any steadfast claims that the parts we’re using for the Filthy Dirty Fuzz – strictly by virtue of being dirty, old or exceptionally large – will give these pedals certain unobtainably superior sonic attributes. Although we won’t rule out the possibility either. After all, not everything can be measured and explained by science.

But here’s the point – the Filthy Dirty Fuzz is outrageous, it’s over the top, and most importantly, it’s fun. And if you’re not having fun, then what’s the point?

Made in the U.S.A.Made in the U.S.A.