Black Cat Custom Buffer Boost


The Black Cat Custom Buffer Boost began as customer request that ultimately allowed us the opportunity to further explore the heritage of the original Black Cat line and continue the tradition. It all started when Claude from NYC contacted us to ask if we could make some buffers for him. It was one of those things that seemed so simple, it never even occurred to us to offer it as a product.

Claude told us that Black Cat Fred made some buffers for him many years ago, and now he wanted to get some more. Looking through some old documentation, we discovered that Fred actually built a good number of buffers, active splitters and boost pedals during the heydays of the original Black Cat. It made sense, as these kinds of devices weren’t readily available to players in the early nineties.

We made a couple of different buffers for Claude. This one pictured here is a Black Cat Custom Buffer Boost. It has one input and three outputs, and the Level control can boost the signal up to 40 dBs. As these types of products are a part of the Black Cat legacy, we have decided to develop some standard edition buffer and boost pedals.

Made in the U.S.A.Made in the U.S.A.

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