Black Cat Custom – BeeBuzz Overdriver

BeeBuzz Overdriver

A customer in Luxembourg contacted us to request a custom pedal that would combine our Black Cat Bee Buzz with a Colorsound Overdriver. We actually had an original vintage Colorsound Overdriver (pre-master volume mod); it’s one of the loudest and most powerful full range boost pedals pedals we’ve ever heard. But we weren’t sure what to expect by combining the two circuits into one pedal. The result was WAY better and more usable than we had expected, and a multitude of amazing and ferocious dirt tones issued forth.

Housing it in this double width enclosure (in Mini Trem gold) allowed us to use a footswitch for the Bee Buzz’s Fuzz/Boost feature – like the original Roland Bee Baa – rather than using a mini-toggle switch. We also added a toggle switch to change the order of the Bee Buzz and Overdriver channels.

This turned out to be such a fantastic sounding pedal, we knew we wanted to make a run of them as soon as we finished this one. It took a little longer than expected, but we’ll have a small batch of Black Cat Custom Bee Buzz/Overdriver pedals ready by early October, 2015.

Made in the U.S.A.Made in the U.S.A.